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A Personal Photo Project: July 8 – July 31, 2015 Project 365

july8July 8: Still feeling a bit icky but took Grace to the park to get out of the house for a bit.  Played on the merry go round which was not a good idea with a rumbling stomach!


July 9: My birthday! Grace and David had a Girl Scout meeting tonight where they planted flowers while working on the Gardening badge.july10

July 10: Grace invited her friend Maisy over to play to celebrate her birthday a few days earlier.july11

July 11: The fever came back!  Naturally, it showed up on a Saturday evening so the Urgent Care it was.  Doesn’t he look super sick here?  Can you tell his ear infection has started to move to his lungs and we’re moving on to the hardcore drugs?  What a goof.july12

July 12: We picked up our new puppy after a long 8 hour drive to Idaho!  We are so excited to have her 🙂july13

July 13: Here she is passed out on the deck enjoying a puppy snooze.  Finally settled on Cedar for her name as a nod to our passion for the Timbers.  Plus she’s the color of cedar bark so perfect suggestion from Grace!july14July 14: Adorable puppy in the golden hour.  Yep, a fun new photo subject!july15

July 15: Resting in Opa’s chair before the rodeo.july16

July 16: All the late night rodeos are catching up with the Big E!  Fell asleep for two hours on his great grandma’s couch!


July 17: My cowboys 🙂july18

July 18: Ethan wore his long sleeves, jeans, and boots for a chance to watch some of the action down on the floor with Opa.  They got up close and personal watching the mutton busting together.july19

July 19: The long ride back home after a week of rodeo.  Grace reading Harry Potter and Ethan catching up on some more sleep!july20

July 20: First full day in her new home.  I don’t think she’s going to fit under the dining table for too long!


July 21: Appreciating the Halle Ford Art Museum with the kids.  We try to go by 1-2 times a year on a free Tuesday.july22

July 22: Dexter enjoying a warm summer afternoon nap by the sliding glass door.july23

July 23: Found the cat all curled up in my new tote.  He looked so happy in there!july24

July 24: Wore myself out at this cutie’s newborn session so didn’t get any other photos today.  july25

July 25: Went to the HP Company Picnic down in Corvallis for the first time in the 10 years David has worked there.  Had a lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves, especially Grace who got to jump as high as she wanted in this contraption!


July 26: Happy Birthday David!  I made him a homemade german chocolate cake as requested.  Took two days to make but boy was it worth it!july27

July 27: A quick break in puppy play.july28

July 28: Canning more jam…july29

July 29: Grace and her three best friends for her birthday party.  We went to Pietro’s Pizza for dinner and games including a round of laser tag with 4 girls vs David and I.  We totally rocked them!july30

July 30: Grace celebrated turning 10 today with a trip to the pool with friends followed by a stop for ice cream.


July 31: David and the kids just before taking off on their first overnight backpacking trip together.  They had a great time!

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