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Two Weeks New: Salem, Oregon Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

My friend and fellow photographer Alysun gave birth to her fourth baby recently and invited myself and another photographer friend over to play with her new little guy.  I never pass up a chance to spend an hour or two with a newborn, and it’s even more fun when there are multiple photographers involved!  Tommy was exactly two weeks old in these photos and already has his Mama on her toes.  He wasn’t very sleepy and was very unimpressed with our efforts to swaddle him.  We did manage to get one set up with my basket and new green fur while he was asleep and I’m glad we did because I was excited to try it out!  After feeding him we headed upstairs to his tiny (but super cute!) nursery to get a few lifestyle photos of him with his Mama.  I squeezed between the crib, heater, and slanted ceilings but I’m so glad I did because the photos upstairs are my favorites.  He has such fabulous expressions and huge eyes, no wonder he’s got his sleep deprived parents so in love with him!swaddled in basketlittle fingersswaddled in his cribsticking his tongue outlooking at mommyover the shoulder
silly facesnuggled

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est. 2015

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