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What to Wear

Choosing what to wear for your portrait session is can important part of the process of creating beautiful photos for your family to enjoy for years to come.  That said, I know it can sometimes be frustrating if you don’t know where to start so I’ve compiled some tips to help.  Scroll below to find tips specific to the type of session you’re styling:

baby boy

Babies 0-1 Years Old

I enjoy simple outfits when it comes to small babies to keep the focus on the subject.  A simple diaper cover or knit pants with a bonnet is a classic look that will never go out of style!  I also love rompers and simple onesies for this age, another choice that you can’t go wrong with.  Keep in mind that shirts with collars and many overalls don’t work well with young babies who aren’t sitting yet.  Save those outfit choices for older babies!  I have lots of suggestions for vendors where you can purchase outfits specifically for your photo session, or you can check out my Baby & Kids Style Pinterest Board for ideas.

girls what to wear

Toddlers and Kids

This is a fun age to dress kids and show off some of their personality!  Lots of kids have preferences as to what they will and will not wear and it’s usually a good idea to choose an outfit that you know your child will wear without tears.  As a general rule it’s best to avoid clothing with characters or writing on it. Layers always photograph well as do simple hair pretties for girls.  Remember to choose shoes that compliment their outfit and to dress for the weather if we’ll be outdoors (hot OR cold!).  Above all make sure your child is comfortable in their outfit and that it highlights who they are.  I have a Baby & Kids Style Pinterest Board for inspiration and also love Mini Boden, Baby Gap, Janie & Jack, and Matilda Jane.

family what to wear


If choosing an outfit for one person is a challenge then choosing outfits for the entire family can be a daunting task!  My first suggestion is to start with the person with the most limited clothing options and work from there.  Keep in mind the word “coordinating” instead of “matching” for a more natural look.  After all, we don’t go around wearing matching clothes very often!  Layers are always flattering and photograph well.  Consider the weather so that your family isn’t dying of heat in sweaters in July or freezing in short sleeves in December.  I have a Family Style Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration on what colors and patterns look good together.



Choosing what to wear for your maternity session can go several different ways.  If you are looking for an intimate indoor session you can choose to wear one the gowns I have or some of your own clothing.  My Indoor Maternity Pinterest Board can give you some inspiration for what that might look like.  If you prefer to have your session outdoors I have a Maternity Pinterest Board with lots of ideas for what to wear in different seasons.  In general it is best to wear form fitting clothing that shows off your bump.  I have several maternity gowns available for you to use as well in several styles and colors.  Contact me if you’re interested in using one of them!

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