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Braedon Senior Photos

I’ve known Braedon for many years now, starting when he was in middle school and helping out at my son’s Cub Scout pack. He’s a great kid and is definitely going places! He wanted to do the first half of his senior photo session in his suit and he looked pretty handsome. Then he wanted some photos wearing his chef clothing since he’s big into culinary arts (and I can attest that he makes great food on campouts!). We also got just a few baseball photos before heading to South Salem High School to get some photos with his mom’s letterman’s jacket. I plan to do more baseball photos for him in the spring, it’s hard to do spring sport photos in the summer! I really love incorporating all of a senior’s hobbies and activities in their senior photos. It’s a great way to capture what they’re into and who they are at this time in their lives. Never worry about asking me if you can include something “weird” or “out there” for your high school senior photos…chances are very good I’ll say yes!

senior photos with boy in suit
senior boy photos south Salem

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est. 2015

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