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Adding Baby Number Two

I always recommend that maternity sessions be done when moms to be are around 32-36 weeks along in their pregnancy so that their bellies are nice and round but not so late that we’re creeping too close to baby’s due date so that baby is born before the session can happen. With winter and early spring babies this can mean maternity sessions need to be scheduled during a period of unpredictable and/or very wet weather. Occasionally that means that an indoor session is the only option. In this case the early spring weather was typically unpredictable and we had an in-home maternity session penciled in as our Plan B. After thinking about it mom-to-be decided she liked the idea of a more personal and intimate maternity session in their home so that’s what we did! And yes, the weather did actually turn out to be decent after all.

I happen to enjoy intimate maternity sessions in your home and it’s always an option regardless of how nice or terrible the weather is. It’s totally up to you how your maternity session goes and you can show as much (or as little!) skin as you feel comfortable with. There’s zero judgement from my corner, my ultimate goal is for you to feel beautiful and whatever we need to do to achieve that is what we will do.

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