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A Personal Photo Project: April 4-April 23, 2015 Project 365

Timbers on laptop

April 4: David took Grace to the Timbers game tonight in my place which left Ethan and I at home unable to find the game on the tv or online anywhere.  We settled for listening to it live on the radio and watching Twitter and MLS Live feeds for replays.  I miss my Timbers games!Easter egg dyeing

April 5: Easter!  My Mom brought Easter dinner down with her after church and we enjoyed the feast (and the leftovers the next week!) very much.  She also brought a dozen hard boiled eggs for each of the kids to dye which they enjoyed.boys cooking in the kitchen

April 6: Ethan is a great kitchen helper, he helped cut up the leftover Easter ham while Daddy attempted making scrambled eggs.  Breakfast for dinner!cat by leg in a cast

April 7: Dexter is my constant companion these days, he’s always trying to get on my lap.girl playing nintendo ds

April 8: Grace is still obsessed with her Tomodachi Life game on the DS, she plays it almost every day.boy eating a hamburger

April 9: David grilled cheeseburgers for dinner the first night his parents were visiting, tasty!macro of purple tulip petal

April 10: Had Ethan bring me my macro lens to get some photos of the pretty purple tulips David bought me.girls playing soccer

April 11: David let me bring my camera to Grace’s soccer game today since my inlaws are visiting and volunteered to carry my rather heavy camera and long lens combo.  It’s all I can do to crutch through the bark dust and grass to the field!cat on couch arm

April 12: Dexter sitting on the couch arm right next to me gazing out the front window.hands holding video game controller

April 13: David got a new video game and was so excited to play it tonight after the kids went to bed. He’s been working so hard taking care of us he totally deserved a break!cat curled in a ball

April 14: Dexter all curled up asleep while David played his game and just before I took my walker to bed.apples in a bowl

April 15: The antique bowl my grandmother gave me full of delicious apples in the late afternoon sun.elbow

April 16: My exhausted mother-in-law at the end of a busy day hauling kids every which way to soccer, baseball, and Girl Scouts.  She’s been taking care of us while David has been on a work trip this looking up

April 17: Dexter looking up at me trying to decide if there’s a spot to jump up on my lap.  There was.Outlander books

April 18: I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and am very appreciative of the huge stack of books my mother-in-law brought me!  My favorites so far have been the Outlander series…finished book 3 and have books 4-6 on hold through the library!putting together Ikea

April 19: David bought 2 Ikea dressers yesterday after dropping his mom off at the airport and spent a good chunk of the day today putting them together.

yellow tuilips

April 20: Yellow tulips this time decorating the mantle along with my Get Well cards 🙂luggage with cat

April 21: David is headed off yet again on another work trip, Aunt Diane is coming back for the second time to babysit the kids and me.  This is work trip #3 since I broke my leg cast

April 22: I’ve been wiggling my toes a lot and moving them around to help improve my toe stiffness and flexibility.  It’s the only part of my foot I can work with while in my cast.cross made of rebar and nails

April 23: This is the cross Denvy made for me from construction materials he took from the Honduras missions trip we went on last summer.  Seems like such a long time ago when I was physically able to do things like haul wheelbarrows full of gravel up and down a steep hill!

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