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A Personal Photo Project : March 5 – March 16, 2015 Project 365

boy playing with iPad in the dark

March 5: Ethan has a new addiction…Clash of Clans on the iPadman watching game in outdoor  stadium

March 6: David and I took Ethan to a Beavers baseball game tonight and really enjoyed it.  May have to come back again!girl playing with tinker toys

March 7: Spent the afternoon with my Mom before David and I went to the first Timbers game of the season.  The kids love playing with the Tinkertoys my brother and I used to play with 🙂macro cherry blossom buds

March 8: The cherry trees in front of our house are just starting to pop a little pinkmorning light cherry blossom

March 9: The cherry blossoms are really popping now! Waited for the sun to hit the perfect spot and was rewarded with this lovely shot 🙂newborn baby girl in basket

March 10: I’ve been trying very hard not to include client work in my Project 365 but this was a long day and I didn’t get any other photos, so adorable newborn girl it cherry blossoms

March 11: The cherry trees are really blooming now, love all the pink!broken ankle with ice pack

March 12: Took a nasty fall walking down the garage steps to the car this morning. A trip to the ER revealed a dislocated tibia and a fracture. I hurt a lot but still managed to get a photo of my poor leg in a splint from my toes to my upper thigh.knees

March 13: Saw the orthopedic surgeon today and have surgery scheduled for next week.  He told me to keep my leg at a 90 degree angle until then… this will be my view for the foreseeable future.

sickbed flowers

March 14: My friend Sara dropped off some pretty flowers for me this afternoon which was kind of her.  Another friend lent me a walker which has given me the ability to use the bathroom on my own for which I’m eternally grateful!pain medication and water bottle

March 15: I went up to my Mom’s for the day today but didn’t have my camera with me.  These days my water bottle and medicine are what I really need next to me.medicine

March 16: Caught the morning sunlight through my meds and thought it summed up how I feel about them pretty perfectly. So happy to have a med combo that leaves me relatively comfortable without hives or nausea!  It’s the little things.

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