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A Personal Photo Project: Feb 19-March 4, 2015 Project 365

photography class handout

February 19: I’m helping to teach the Digital Photography badge for my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.  I made a handout for the girls and we talked about what the different modes on their camera do and also talked a little about rules of composition.

Homemade laundry soap

February 20: I made a double batch of laundry soap today, same recipe I’ve been using for the past 6 years.  A double batch lasts me 3-4 months depending on what season it is and how much laundry is happening!

boy playing basketball in gym

February 21: Today is Ethan’s last day of basketball.  He loves the beginning when they just shoot hoops.Portland Timbers fan photo family

February 22: Today we took a family self portrait in our Timbers gear.  We were unable to participate in the Timbers 5/40 Axe Portraits so we did our own thanks to the help of friends who helped us locate double headed axes and a chainsaw.  I’m sure it was hilarious watching me click the timer button and run to my spot to hoist the chain saw a half dozen times…challenging to say the least!macro of green flower

February 23: My Valentine flowers are still hanging in there…love the lime green of this one.

house lit up at night

February 24: Our home all lit up at night.  Love the single star in the skyboy peeking

February 25: Swim lessons are finally over!  And even better, both my kids passed and are moving on to the next level 🙂boy running in jogathon

February 26: I volunteered at Ethan’s school jog-a-thon PTC fundraiser this morning.  Since I’m on the PTC board this year I figured I needed to be there!boy with chocolate mustache

February 27: Ethan likes to have hot chocolate while I have tea in the afternoons.  He always winds up with an adorable chocolate mustache…I’ll miss that messy face some day!macro of pink flower

February 28: Another Valentine flower macro!  Taken quickly on the patio table while flipping pancakes for dinner.cup of tea

March 1: Took a two hour nap Sunday afternoon and woke up with a fever and a sore throat.  David made us some tea to help me feel a little better.sunshine steaming on bed

March 2: Spent most of the day on the couch with a fever and sore throat.  Took this photo from Ethan’s bed in the late afternoon, these are all of his “treasures” he keeps on his bed lounging on couch

March 3: Spent the morning at urgent care and came away with a diagnosis of strep throat and a prescription for antibiotics and pain meds.  Took a three hour nap with this furry guy on the couch.frosty grass in the morning

March 4: Feeling a lot better today, noticed the nice morning light and frosty grass when I let the dog out this morning so I grabbed my macro and did my best to not get super wet while getting down low in our super tall grass.  We definitely need to mow!

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