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A Personal Photo Project: Feb 6-Feb18, 2015 Project 365


February 6: We love playing board games! Tonight we had good friends over for some dinner and games, our favorite kind of evening 🙂

dreamy late night selfie

Feb 7: Dreamy self portrait taken late at night in the kids’ bathroom with only the nightlight for light.putting together a puzzle

February 8: I love putting together puzzles!  Started this one Sunday evening and finished by Monday morning 🙂macro of pink flower petals

February 9: Macro of some of my early Valentines flowers, love the pretty pink petals!bouncing girl with glasses

February 10: My jumping bean wouldn’t be still!  I was trying to get a photo of her new glasses, they’re a purplish pink tortoiseshell.macro of green geometric plant center

February 11: I went to The Oregon Garden this morning with a friend and had fun taking a bunch of macro shots, this is one of my favorites of the day.writing valentines

February 12: I took the kids to the Lyle Elementary writing night and got this photo of Grace making her friend a valentine.girls at arcade

February 13: Both my kids had the day off from school today so I let them each invite a friend over and then took all four kids to the AC Gilbert House for the morning and Pietro’s Pizza for lunch. Grace and her friend had a great time “riding” the roller coaster ride!family playing basketball together

February 14: My mom came down to visit this morning and we snuck in a few games of Horse with Ethan in between his basketball practice and going out to lunch together.  Ethan beat Grandma and mom (and no we weren’t trying to lose!) and also Daddy…though he kept trying trick shots!playing kick ball in street

February 15: The fabulous weather had us chasing the kids outside for some family kick ball followed by a competitive game of four square.  We played for two hours and then went on a neighborhood walk, man the sunshine felt good!nature and leaves

February 16: This morning I drove up to West Linn for a maternity session at a park I’m unfamiliar with. I always like to arrive to locations early to scout out the best spots before a session, but in this instance I came 45 minutes early which gave me plenty of time to scout it out and get a few nature shots.portrait of girl with glasses

February 17: The kids were drawing with chalk on the driveway when I noticed a small patch of pink light hitting the driveway just begging for a portrait…so I had Grace sit in it and voila! Finally got a decent photo of her in her new glasses!boy running on sidewalk

February 18: This boy cracks me up. Always a super expressive kid, here he’s “walking” to swim lessons again last night from our super far away parking spot.  One more week of swim lessons and then we’ll be done with driving to WOU twice a week!

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