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Fun Family Session! Portland, OR Family Photographer

Last weekend I had the chance to photograph my good friend and fellow photographer with her family up in Portland.  We have been friends for a decade or so and met while planning our weddings.  Our oldest girls are 3 weeks apart and are both super girly girls.  She’s lucky to have not just one but two beautiful girls and one of the cutest baby boys I’ve seen!  We’ve shot a couple weddings together and are in the midst of discussions regarding starting a separate wedding photography business as a team.  More on that later!

We got to our location a little late and only had about an hour until the light was completely gone so we were a little rushed but we made it work.  It’s always a challenge to get three sets of little eyes looking my way and smiling at the same time, and even harder when those little eyes have a photographer Mommy and know all my tricks!  Our priorities were a few posed family shots, more casual shots on the blanket, and some photos of Natalie with each child.  Since she’s usually the one behind the camera, photos of her with her children are very precious.  Something that I can totally relate to!  My family’s turn is this Saturday, looking forward to being on the other side of the camera for a change.

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